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SAGA Indoor Play Dates

SAGA will be hosting another popular Play date again February 28th. Let's give our hounds a chance to run around in a fun and safe indoor environment. As always this will give the dogs and people a greyt opportunity to stretch their legs and interact freely in a safe OFF-LEASH environment.

Please bring your own water/pop, your supervision eyes and most importantly your dog's MUZZLE, as your dog will not be allowed to participate without. WAIVERS will be available on location.

Location: Dogma (515 70 Ave SW)
Date: Sunday, February 28
Time: 11 - Noon
Donation: $5 per dog


Last seen July 26 going west on Highway 22X.  People were observed trying to catch him.

Sven is a rescue and is very sweet but also VERY shy and timid around strangers, especially men.

Please contact us if you have any information to help bring Sven home!


SAGA (403-889-1932 or 403-889-1932)

Chris (403-680-5410) or Danielle (403-472-1737)

City of Calgary (311)

Calgary Humane Society (403-205-4455)

Fish Creek 24 Hr Pet Hospital (403-873-1700)

He is Microchipped and registered with the city

Any help is greatly appreciated!! The family misses him dearly!!


SAGA Needs More Fosters

Do you have a desire to support a greyt cause?

Do you have a lot of love to share?

Interested in learning more about greyhounds but not sure if you are ready to adopt?

Is your life style in compatible with a permanent pet but you want a furry friend to love when you are home?

Do you want to see what having a greyhound in your life is all about?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you should consider being a foster!  SAGA is currently accepting applications from caring,dedicated people who want to be part of a greyt organization supporting a GREYT cause.

Not all dogs are adopted immediately after coming over the border and these amazing pets need places to stay and families to love until they find their forever homes.

Being a foster family presents so many amazing opportunities to:

• Support an amazing organization

• Give a home and love to a greyhound in need

• Decide if you're ready to permanently adopt a greyhound

• Determine if your current greyhound needs a friend

• Get lots of wet-nose kisses

If you are interested in joining the ranks as a SAGA Foster please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

New Website for Calgary Greyhound Walking Club

The Calgary Greyhound Walking Club has a new website.
Click HERE to view their website and check when the next walk is scheduled.

If you would like to be added to their e-mail list for walk notifications,
then please click HERE to fill out their form.

Calgary Greyhound Walking Club