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SAGA is a volunteer run, non-profit organization that was founded in the summer of 2003 by a group of people that had fallen in love with these majestic animals and saw the demand for such an organization here in Alberta.

Not only does SAGA promote the adoption of retired racing greyhounds to loving homes, our mandate also includes providing information about greyhounds to the public. These dogs are not what most people would expect, which is why we encourage everyone to come experience them at one of our Meet and Greet events. SAGA is committed to looking out for the welfare of retired racing greyhounds, educating people about ex-racing greyhounds, their qualities as pets, and their care.

SAGA works with Organizations in the U.S.A. to bring retired racing National Greyhound Association (NGA) dogs, whose racing careers have ended, to Alberta where they may live out their natural lives as loving family members in good homes. To do this SAGA has developed and maintains good working relationships with the greyhound racing community in the United States to receive dogs when they have finished their racing careers. SAGA is racing neutral and enjoys the respect of both the racing community and the adoption community as we work towards finding retired racing greyhounds Forever Homes.  Once these greyhounds arrive into our care we foster them until a suitable home can be found.

SAGA has a very thorough Adoption process where we review and match nurturing homes with the right greyhound.

SAGA also realizes the need to increase awareness and educate the general public concerning retired racing greyhounds as pets through public events. By doing this we are also able to raise funds that help us to move forward with our Mission and Mandate and to continue to build a strong organization which helps promote retired racing greyhounds as pets.

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meet greet_7900Contact Us

SAGA – Southern Alberta Greyhound Association
Lost Dog Phone: 403-889-1932 (24 hrs per day / 7 days per week)
General Phone Inquiries: 403-251-0186
Mailing Address: 1311 – 109 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2W 0C8

dogMission / Mandate

Our on-going Mission is to promote the welfare and adoption of greyhounds by providing support and information to adopters and the public and to build a strong support organization for owners of adopted greyhounds to ensure their care and quality of life.

We work within the Calgary and Southern Alberta areas to bring these wonderful dogs into Forever homes.

SAGA truly believes that adopting a greyhound is a life changing event.

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Board Members


Todd Hill

Adoption Coordinator

A pharmacist for more than 25 years and currently owns/operates two retail drugstores and a pharmacy consulting company I hope to bring that business and people experience to SAGA and promote/contribute in anyway possible.

I have found SAGA to be a very professional and caring non-profit organization with the care of retirement ex-racing greyhounds as their prime objective.

After losing our 17 year old Basenji to the rainbow bridge, my wife and I knew that our hearts would heal by becoming dog owners once more.  Always intrigued with the greyhound breed; regal, gentle, affectionate, clean and friendly.  “Peppy” walked into our lives and it was truly love at first sight and has brought lots of love and laughter into the family unit.  I have found greyhounds to be a true athlete in my eyes, and yet a couch potato! Just like his NEW family.

Lana Moskaluk

Certified Management Accountant

After fostering 1 dog, we knew we had to own one of these quiet, graceful, elegant and easy to care for dogs to our household.  We have adopted 3 greyhounds.  We lost one to illness and currently have 2 girls.  Joined SAGA’s Board of Directors in 2005.  Started washing blankets for greyhound hauls and moved to fostering and the Treasurer role.  Each greyhound came to us at a different time but their easy gentle personality made the transition of adding new dogs into a household with children, 3 smaller dogs and a cat absolutely seamless.

Greg Sunley

Fostering Coordinator
Home Inspection Coordinator

I have worked as a Process Engineer in the Canadian oil and gas industry designing, debottlenecking, optimizing and troubleshooting various processing facilities for 15 years.

When first exposed to this breed of dog, I was truly taken back by their calm and loving nature. We quickly discovered that all of our perceptions of a greyhound were opposite to reality and the more we learned the more we knew this was the perfect breed of dog for our family.

We have not had Tali for a long time but he has impacted our lives in such a profound way. I volunteered to join the board of directors because I have an overwhelming desire to assist others in experiencing the joy we have felt with our greyhound.


Grace Cole

Board Member

My kids and I have always loved dogs and when our miniature Golden Doodle was getting older, we wanted to bring another dog into our home. I researched various breeds that might be a compliment to our dog and was so captivated with how greyhounds were described. We went to a SAGA Meet & Greet at Chinook Petsmart and as soon as we interacted with the dogs, we were in love! Our Lola is just amazing and has brought so much laughter and joy into our home.

Being apart of SAGA allows me to use my creativity and organizational skills to bring the message about these beautiful dogs to other people who will discover firsthand that greyhounds are simply the best!

“Love is” how excited your dog gets when you get home!

Kelly Clark

Meet and Greet Coordinator

I have always loved animals, growing up with dogs and cats, volunteering at the SPCA  and working at a stable from Jr High through High School.

When I moved to Alberta I hoped I could continue to have animals, and after getting married and having 3 children, a little stray cat entered our lives.

After the children has all grown up I felt I need something more, so I looked in Greyhounds and fell in love.  The are like no other dog I had met.

We got Hope in May 2016 and are looking forward to getting another to balance out the house.

I really enjoy the Meet & Greet and enjoy educating people about this beautiful and majestic dog.

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Documents & Forms

The following link will take you to SAGAs’ online Adoption Form:

SAGA Adoption Form

The following link will download a PDF copy of SAGA’s Adoption Handbook:

SAGA Adoption Handbook

The following link will download a PDF copy of Greyhound Brag Cards:

Greyhound Brag Cards

The following link will download a PDF copy of Greyhound Medical Idiosyncrasies:

Greyhound Medical Idiosyncrasies Document

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